A SelfPhone is a key item that allows you to see your stats and take screenshots.


A SelfPhone is a must-have item of every necromancer. It looks like an old phone, but upgraded with spiky decorations around it and featuring a sick blue metal reskin.

A SelfPhone is a key item and, as such, doesn't have any rarity nor star rating.


A SelfPhone can be obtained only once, either from a Challenge or as a secret hidden in the game's credits.

Getting it the latter way requires the player to click the gears icon in the top-left corner of the screen (Options), select the Advanced tab, and then click the Credits button under the "Who made this?" section. Beside the Berzerk Studio logo at the credits page is a skull; clicking it a few times results in a message to the player, which then gives a gold chest containing the SelfPhone.

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Amero Kingdom

Challenge I

A SelfPhone
A SelfPhone
Allows you to see your stats and take screenshots

Functionalities Edit

A SelfPhone can be accessed by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the game. A SelfPhone with four icons, each representing a separate application, will appear on the screen.

Camera Edit

Main article: Selfies

The Camera app allows you to take screenshots of the game with Bob posing with a random quote of his which can be changed or turned off. Also in the Camera, you may change the hat Bob is wearing.

Stats Edit

An overview of the progress you've made throughout the current timeline and entire gameplay.

Attempting, or defeating, the King on a world does not increase "Highest Difficulty Reached".

Mail Edit

Main article: Hotter Mail

You can receive items from the developers by sending codes to the Specter Genie. You can also receive spam mail.

Options Edit

You can access this button without a phone, but after a SelfPhone is acquired, the option becomes one of the apps on a SelfPhone.

Bounties Edit

Main article: Maurice's App

You can complete bounties for reward.

Events Edit

Main article: Passive Events

You can check current and upcoming event that is effecting the game.

Leaderboard Edit

Main article: Leaderboard

You can compare high scores with your friends or other players.


  • A SelfPhone is parody of a phone, for example selfies.
  • Before v1.03.029, the Mail App icon did not exist. Instead there was an unused Hat icon, but the idea was rejected and the Hotter Mail app took that place.
  • The SelfPhone look similar to the DethPhones used by members of death metal band Dethklok, in the Metalocalypse TV series.