"You now have Eiffel65's Blue stuck in your head. LOL" - Bob The Necromancer

Blue Specter is one of Bob's minions that appears in the game. He flies in the air shooting projectile from his spear.

It is a blue ghost with a knight's armor with big red ornament on top of the helmet. Most likely the reason for 90% of the spam and physical unwanted mail solicitation.

To have access to the Blue Specter you need to have the Red Knight at least at level one.

Items Edit

There are some items in the game that influence on Blue Specter's abilities.

Items referencing to but not affecting Blue Specter's abilities.

Abilities Edit

Name Cost Level Effect Duration Cooldown
CD RD Tbta O EoTS BI D BS BK C I MoB SD Blue Inside 100,000 10 Add 25% to Blue Specter DPS
Blue Outside Blue Outside 200,000 25 Add 400% to Blue Specter DPS for 90 seconds (skill #3; Spectral Repossession) 1 minute 30 seconds 10 minutes
DBP PaP SR LM Spectral Repossession 1M 50 Add 2% to Blue Specter DPS for each level
CD RD Tbta O EoTS BI D BS BK C I MoB SD Dabadee 10M 100 Add 50% to Blue Specter DPS

Quotes Edit

List of sentences when you level up Blue Specter:

  • That's some gains!
  • This job is tough!
  • Let's attack agressively

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