Bob The Necromancer is the main protagonist of the game. He deals only tap-damage and does not auto attack by default. He is the first listed on the monster list, before the Zombie Horde.

Bob can summon minions to aid him in the battle. He also can shoot magic missiles and fireballs using his staff. Bob is the only one who can wear custom hats, kill villagers and attempt to beat Challenges.


  • Cool toys
  • Cool music
  • His cool friends
  • Being cool


  • Boring people
  • Vegetables (potatoes don't count)
  • Oasis
  • Local TV
  • Working

Origins Edit

According to Bob, he was raised and born in West Badlandia on the lavapits where he spent most of his days. He got into a fight with the devil and she kicked Bob and his zombies-buddies to the Goodlandia.

Laziness Edit

Bob, as a lazy dude, can fall asleep after not tapping (dealing tap-damage) for more than 30 seconds. This state is indicated by letters "z" floating above him and a counter showing how many taps are left before bob wakes up. There are few items which give bonuses while Bob sleeps. Since v1.03.047 Sloth's Form does wake Bob up.

Items Edit

There are some items in the game that enhance Bob's abilities:

There are items that only have effect when Bob is asleep:

Abilities Edit

Name Cost Level Effect Duration Cooldown
For The Horde! Shepherd of Rot For The Horde! 100 10 Add 25% to Bob The Necromancer DPS
Sloth's Form Sloth's Form 500 25 Autotap for 5 seconds (skill #1; Sloth's Form). Sloth's form summons meteors from the sky at a rate of 10 a second for 5 seconds. Lich's son doubles that to 20. Each meteor deals the damage of a single click. 5 seconds 5 minutes
Bad Touch Pastafury Bad Touch 10,000 50 Add 50% to Bob The Necromancer DPS
For The Horde! Shepherd of Rot Shepherd of Rot 100,000 100 Add 1% to Bob The Necromancer DPS for each level

Quotes Edit

List of quotes appearing when upgrading Bob:

  • Booyah!
  • Let's get them!
  • Awww yeah!

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bob mostly interacts with The Black Lich due to the Arcane Laboratory, which makes them "best buddies".
  • The second skill Sloth's Form is a reference to sloths which are known for their laziness, or the Deadly Sin of Sloth. This is due to the active skill sending down a rain of fireballs, with each fireball dealing full tap damage. This allows the player to be idle, however player may still tap to deal additional damage.
  • Bob's Halloween 2016 costume is a reference to Bob Ross - widely known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting.
  • Bob is a huge fan of Darude. He was at one of Darude's concerts.