Bully Bunny's Foot is an unique item that was introduced as a part of Easter Event 2016.

Properties Edit

Bully Bunny's Foot is a rabbit's foot, is it lucky though?

This item effects on the orbs, add 5% to white orbs drop. An Evil Candle have the same effect.

As an Event Item, Bully Bunny's Foot is unique and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Bully Bunny's Foot could have been obtained as a challenge reward during Easter Event 2016. Now, it can be bought in the Map Item dump Item Dump for 125 Diamond Diamonds.

Notes Edit

  • During Easter 2017, Bully Bunny's Foot have been discounted to 125 Diamond Diamonds (50% discount).

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes requiring Bully Bunny's Foot
Item Description 1st ingredient 2nd ingredient 3rd ingredient
Easter Voodoo Doll
Easter Voodoo Doll
Add 20% to orbs drop Bully Bunny's head
Bully Bunny's Head
Bully Bunny's carrot
Bully Bunny's Carrot
Bully Bunny's foot
Bully Bunny's Foot
Crafting time: 1 hour

Trivia Edit