Death Volcano is the fifth kingdom. The only way to enter Death Volcano is using the Frantic Frigate with the Passports.
Death Volcano Villager

Kingdom is inhabited by builders, architecture has no defined  inspiration. The King of this area is giant builder.

Whole country is a plateau in volcano with tile floors.

World Overview Edit

  • Locations: 11
  • Total difficulty range: 1501-3000 (King: 3006-3025, Wizard: 3051)
  • Difficulty spread: 1500/1525/1551
  • Total number of levels: 2650
  • Levels occur 1 to 3 times each
  • Chests: 3 StarStarStarStarStar Blue Chests
  • Challenges: 3
  • Time Portals: x5, x6
  • Item Dump
  • Base Orbs Formula: [(Boss Level / 5) - 10] x 2.5

Map Edit

Death Vulcano Map

Locations Edit

Exactly half of every normal location must be destroyed to unlock connected locations.

Name Difficulty range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 1501-1800 Starting location
West Woodlands 1601-1900
Secret Chest - The Evilcorn
(StarStarStarStarStar Blue Chest)
Challenge I (War Shard) 1851-1875
Hightower Keep 1801-2000
New Farmshire 1801-2000
Time Portal (x5) Complete difficulty 1900 in New Farmshire
Western Garrison 2001-2300 Complete difficulty 1900 in New Farmshire
West Lumberdale 2001-2300
Northern Walk 2201-2600
Secret Chest - Lava Golem
(StarStarStarStarStar Blue Chest)
Hightower Pass 2501-2800
Secret Chest - Black Knight
(StarStarStarStarStar Blue Chest)
Challenge II (War Shard) 2601-2615
South Lumberdale 2751-2900
Challenge IV
(Golden Compass)
Challenge III
(Black Necklace)
Summer Road 2901-3000
Vantage Point 2901-3000
Time Portal (x6) Complete difficulty 2950 in Vantage Point
The King
(Star2Star Blue Chest)
3006-3025 Complete difficulty in one of the following:

  • 2950 in Vantage Point
  • 2950 in Summer Road

Challenges Edit

Name Difficulty range Reward
Durahell Bunny Boss icon Challenge 1851 Durahell Battery
Durahell Battery
Adds a battery to the fourth craft slot
Map Challange Challenge II 2601-2615 War shard
War Shard
Multiplies your DPS by 2. Stacks multiplicatively
Map Challange Challenge III 2801-2815 Item Black Necklace
Black Necklace
Multiply DPS by 2 per black orb
Map Challange Challenge IV 2751-2765 Golden Compass
Golden Compass
Ok! We go full speed!

Removed Challenge Edit

Before the Durahell Bunny Boss was available, its place was occupied by:

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Challenge I 1851-1875 War shard
War Shard
Multiplies your DPS by 2. Stacks multiplicatively

This challenge is no longer available.

Item Dump Edit

Main article: Item Dump

Map Item dump

The Item Dump is a shop, where all items coming from events' challenges a player has missed are stored. All items are paid with Diamond Diamonds.

Houses Edit

Perfect timber-framed houses Death Vulcano Houses1
Perfect fortress Death Vulcano Houses2

Enemies Edit

Builder Army Edit

The Builder army is based on two builders with white, yellow and red helmets. The yellow ones are the weakest. The white ones wear white shirts and the red ones are bigger and they also wear white shirts.

They are obstacle and trying to stop Bob to progress the area. They are always accompany by a wizard.

Death Volcano EnemieYellow Death Volcano EnemieWhite Death Volcano EnemieRed

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
The Wizard Boss Wizard5 Guarding each boss stage He is always guarding and after timer is run out he resets boss health. After beating each area you can defeat him at last time portal.
The Evilcorn Boss Evilcorn Guarding blue chest
(5 Stars)
The opposite of a unicorn
Lava Golem Boss Lava Golem Guarding blue chest
(5 Stars)
Like a Golem
... with lava
Black Knight Boss Black Knight Guarding blue chest
(5 Stars)
A strong knight painted in black
The King King Death Vulcano Final boss at King Challenge King and ruler of Death Volcano


  • The people of Death Volcano are always happy.
  • The people of Death Volcano are very resistant to high temperatures. They can walk on lava without melting.
  • The king of Death Volcano is the only king without a crown.
  • The villager screams are identical to those of the villagers of the Amero Kingdom
  • Kingdom is reference to Death Mountain from Legend of Zelda.