The Easter Event is a temporary event which started on 22nd March 2016 and ended on 3rd April 2016. Throughout the entire event 3 new challenges were available in the Amero Kingdom. Completing each one awarded player with a unique item, which can be combined in Forge to obtain Easter Voodoo Doll.

Easter Map Edit

The Map is based on an old Version of Amero Kingdom. At that time, it was not possible to fight the king yet.

  • 3 new Challenges
    • Easter Challenge I Level: 101-115
    • Easter Challenge II Level: 201-215
    • Easter Challenge III Level: 301-315

Easter Map

Easter Challenges Edit

Item Acquisition Effect Item Dump
Bully Bunny's head
Bully Bunny's Head
Complete Challenge I
Easter Event 2016
Add 15 seconds to boss battle 50 Diamond Diamonds
Bully Bunny's carrot
Bully Bunny's Carrot
Complete Challenge II
Easter Event 2016
Add 100% to skull's value 75 Diamond Diamonds
Bully Bunny's foot
Bully Bunny's Foot
Complete Challenge III
Easter Event 2016
Add 5% to white orbs drop 125 Diamond Diamonds

Easter Enemies Edit

Name Image Function Description
Bully Bunny Easter Boss Final Boss of the Challenges The Bully Bunny is the strongest enemy in the Eastern Challenge. The anatomical feature of the Bully Bunny are its deer horns.
Easter House Easter House Part of the Challenges The player has to destroy 15 Houses to get to the Bully Bunny

Trivia Edit

  • The Treasure Chest was replaced by a big colourful egg.
    Egg chest