The Easter Event is a temporary event which started on April 7th, 2017 and lasted until April 20th, 2017. Throughout the entire event, Red Knight's shop is open in the Amero Kingdom. Players need to collect eggs that the new Easter Bunny has lost and return them to Red Knight.

World Overview Edit

Map Edit

Easter17 Map

Easter Currency Edit

Easter Egg

During the event, players can collect Easter Eggs which are additional currency in the game. The design of the eggs is inspired by the eggs from the Alien franchise.

The eggs are dropped randomly from destroyed buildings. This applies to every house in all kingdoms. The drop rate is affected by the amount of eggs the player has collected and the time till the end of the event. This mechanic was implemented to help every player reach their goal even if they access the event later than the others. For a more thorough explanation of this mechanic see Mechanics of the events.

After the end of the event, all players who took part in this event received a message informing that all eggs have hatched and turned into the jelly beans, which can be used in the Day Off At Burrito's as the new event currency.

Egg Store Edit

Icon Red Knight

Red Knight Quotes

The new bunny we put in charge lost his eggs. I think the villagers have them. I need them. I'll return them.

Red Knight's Quotes Edit

  • Black orb. Don't awaken.
  • Did you know? Dogs can talk!
  • The anarchy counts over a dragon.
  • The bunny lost his eggs...
  • Did you like my present?
  • He's a cute bunny

Purchasable items Edit

Item Price Effect
Fast Time Travel
FTT Easter Egg
Obtain a number of orbs
Ectoplasm Prism
Ectoplasmprism Easter Egg
Dark side of the ectoplasm
Power Cube
Power Cube Easter Egg
Add 50% to total DPS per white orb
Chaos Gem
Chaos gem Easter Egg
Add 2 to COMMON boss drops
Smiley Baloney Smiley Baloney Easter Egg
Add 100% skull's value while Pillage and Plunder is active
Concrete Clothespin Concrete Clothespin Easter Egg
Add 20% to Orb drops

Item Dump Edit

Ever since this event the items from previous Easter event have been discounted by 50%.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Red Knight, they replaced the bunny from the last year with a new one, but he lost his eggs.
  • The eggs appear very similar to the eggs from the Alien franchise.

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