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Temporary Events are only available for a limited time period. The player beats challenges within this time period to get unique items. Missed unique items can be purchased at the Item Dump.

There is no way to go back to a closed event.

There are two kind of temporary events.

  • Big Events have their own realm and are not marked on the world map. The only way to get there is through a special Ancient Portal located at the very beginning of the Amero Kingdom.

In addition, there are also small Passive Events where the game rewards bonuses like double white orbs and double Bounties for a short time.

Easter[edit | edit source]

Easter 2016[edit | edit source]

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Main article: Easter Event 2016

The Easter Event was a small event integrated into the Amero Kingdom consisting of three challenges. It was available from 22th March to 3rd April 2016. All symbols were based on Easter.

Game version: v1.01.007


  • 3 challenges in Amero Kingdom.
  • 3 unique items obtained by completing Easter Challenges.
  • The villagers were replaced by small bunnies.
  • The houses were replaced by Easter Houses.

Easter 2017[edit | edit source]

Easter Event Splash.png

Main article: Easter Event 2017

During this event, players collect eggs by destroying houses. They drop randomly, and drop rate does not seem to be affected by the current level. These eggs could have been traded with the Red Knight on the Amero map for powerful items.

Game version: v1.03.032


Halloween[edit | edit source]

Halloween 2016[edit | edit source]

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Main article: Halloween Event 2016

Game version: v1.03.018, v1.03.020

The update was announced in v.1.03.017 along with placing closed Ancient Portal in which one could suggest one's ideas for costumes and get exclusive hat for participation.

The Halloween Event was the first to have its own realm. The event was available from 13th October to 11th November 2016.


  • Villains wear Halloween costumes suggested by the community
  • Skull icon has been replaced with Scary Pumpkin SkullHalloween.png
  • A new realm for Halloween.
    • 6 unique Halloween items that can be obtained by completing Halloween Challenges.
    • The Bosses are Pumpkin warriors
    • The villagers are skeletons.
    • The houses had a special Halloween design.

Halloween 2017[edit | edit source]

Splash-screen-v1 03 047.png

Main article: Halloween 2017

Game version: v1.03.047


  • Bob and squad wear special Halloween costumes

Halloween 2018[edit | edit source]

Surgery TitleScreen.png

Main article: Halloween 2018

Game version: v1.04.000


  • Event currency shop with new hats and items.
  • Release of permanent feature: Surgery.

Thanksgiving[edit | edit source]

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Main article: Thanksgiving Event

The Thanksgiving event is a small event which was integrated by a new Challenge in Amero Kingdom. The event was available from 25th November to 8th December. All symbols were based on Thanksgiving.

Game version: v1.03.022


Christmas[edit | edit source]

Christmas 2016[edit | edit source]

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Main article: Christmas Event 2016

The Christmas Challenge is a big challenge which has an own realm. The event was available from 8th December 2016 to 19th January 2017.

Game version: v1.03.023


  • A special currency (Gifts) for Christmas
  • A special shop for the Christmas currency
  • A new realm for Christmas where the houses have snow on their roof.
  • Seven unique items
  • The Boss is Santa Claus with his minions (elves)

Christmas 2017[edit | edit source]

Splash-screen v1 03 051.png

Game version: v1.03.051


  • New Passive Events system!
  • New Death Medals!
  • Optimization & tons of bugs fixes!

Valentine's Day[edit | edit source]

Zombidle Valentine's Day blank.png

Main article: Valentine's Day Event

Valentine's Day features no challenges or own realm, but it has new currency and new shop that is located in Amero Kingdom. The event was available from 9th to 23rd February 2017.

Game version: v1.03.027


  • A special currency (Villager's Hearts) for Valentine's Day.
  • A special shop for Valentine's Day currency in Amero Kingdom.
  • Carl the Monolith has special new portrait art in shape of a heart.

Bob's Special Day[edit | edit source]


Main article: Bob's Special Day

The Anniversary Challenge is a big challenge which has an own realm. Each challenge must be beaten to progress next one, it has no normal locations. What are you waiting for, go there right now!

Game version: v1.03.029


  • New Items
  • Special own realm with a giant cake in the middle.
  • Special challenges for Bob from each minion.

April Fools' Day[edit | edit source]

During this day player would receive a "Raid" notification like Twitch or Scroll notification. The message was:

Zombidle April Fool's (1).png

"You've been raided by another player! You were attacked while offline! The other player stole X orbs and X skulls from you! To get back your items, click the button!"

Afterwards, a button appeared saying "Retaliate". Clicking the button would produce the following message.

Zombidle April Fool's (2).png

"Connection failed: PewPlay not implemented yet! :(".

If you cancel by pressing cross icon instead of "Retaliate" then you will get this message:

"You let the enemy get away with it! The minions depend on you! How could you... :("

Day Off At Burrito's[edit | edit source]

Day off at Burrito's.png

Main article: Day Off At Burrito's

Mix of Zombidle and Burrito Bison which has been created by Juicy Beast studio. Collect Jelly Beans and squeeze some gummybears!

Portal to Candyland is located in the Amero Kingdom and at the World map.

Game version: v1.03.034


  • Candyland World!
  • Many unique candy & juicy items!
  • Jelly Beans as event currency.
  • Burrito Bison is in charge of the Candy Shop.
  • Scaling Bosses. Those bosses increase their difficulty after each time you defeat them.

Mystery Feathers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mystery Feathers

Mystery Feather.png

Strange feathers have recently been showing up all over the world. Collect as many as you can and get precious rewards!

Game version: v1.03.039


The Land of Turtles[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Land of Turtles

Splash-screen-v1 03 043.png

Game version: v1.03.043


  • Cash.png Cash - special currency dropped by destroyed houses!
  • GonzoLand - a brand new world created by GonzoSSM specially for conquering!
  • New bosses!
  • The Cash Shop led by The Shop Keep!
  • Empty Turtle Shell.png Empty Turtle Shell, Strange Diamond.png Strange Diamond and a couple other items boosting Carl and currency drops to be bought in Cash Shop or seized from the hands of new bosses!

Pleasure Island[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pleasure Island

Splash-Screen PleasureIsland.png

Welcome to Pleasure Island! Enjoy the walrus pit and the rebuilt Crab Parlour! Just try to avoid anything that looks like more than one animal.

Game version: v1.03.052


  • Shell.png Shells - an event currency dropped by destroyed houses!
  • A new world - Pleasure Island!
  • The Shell Store owned by Fernando!

Just Shapes and Beats[edit | edit source]

Main article: Just Shapes and Beats

Just Shapes and Beats.png

First console game Just Shapes and Beats is celebrating its release. Join the celebration for just beating the shapes out of their beats... for shapes.

Game version: v1.03.057


  • Beats.png Beats - an event currency dropped by destroyed houses!
  • Unique Lachhh scroll!
  • The Point Store full of pre-made in flash shapes that you can wear on your green head!

10 Year Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Splash-screen-v1 04 001.png

Main article: 10 Year Anniversary

This event Berzerk Studio celebrate their anniversary and it includes many references to their other projects. Collect Bolts (which are named Nuts for some reasons) to get Berzerk rewards!

Portal to Berzerk World is located in the Amero Kingdom and at the World map.

Game version: v1.04.001


  • Berzerk World!
  • Bolts as currency that can buy Heavy Metalic Berzerk items!
  • References to other games such as Just Shapes and Beats, Berzerk Ball, Trap Master etc.
  • Scaling Boss. This boss can increase its difficulty after each time you defeat it.

Ice Cream, You Scream[edit | edit source]

Ice Cream, You Scream.png

Main article: Ice Cream, You Scream

It summer! It is time to collect weirdly shaped ectoplasm and sell them to The Black Lich for his time portal research. In exchange you will receive items that decrease ghost crafting time!

Game version: v1.04.003


  • Event Currency to use in a The Black Lich's store!
  • Special Ectoplasm items feature in the store!

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