Evil Lipstick is an unique item that was introduced as a part of Halloween Event 2016.

Description Edit

Evil Lipstick is a expensive lipstick with skull engraving on it.

This item effects on the orbs, add 3 to white orbs drop. The effect is equal to three Chaos Crest.

As an Event Item, Evil Lipstick is an unique item and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Evil Lipstick could have been obtained as a challenge reward during Halloween Event 2016.

Now, it can be bought in Item Dump for 125 Diamond Diamonds.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes requiring Evil Lipstick
Item Description Ingredients Time
The Potato Lady
The Potato Lady
Add 15 to UNCOMMON boss drops Another Witch's Shoes
Another Witch's Shoes
A Sexy Potato
A Sexy Potato
Evil Lipstick
Evil Lipstick