"Dayuuum Mayor Squid is (meat)baaaa-llin'" - Bob The Necromancer

The Flying Squid is one of Bob's minions that appears in the game after the The Black Lich and before The Tomb King.

It is an eldritch creature and is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's creatures from Cthulhu series. Both have tentacles and oceanic origins but its skill names may be related to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It also looks like a metroid from the Metroid game series. The Flying Squid itself floats in the air and shoots lasers at its enemies from its mouth. It has multiple eyes, fangs sticking out from bottom and its tentacles wiggle around. It mostly speaks in emojis.

To have access to the Flying Squid one needs to have The Black Lich at least at level one.


  • The color pink
  • Stars
  • J-Pop
  • Sweaters
  • KITTIES :3


  • Rude people
  • K-pop
  • Ghost in the Shell's movie adaptation >:
  • Brussels sprouts


There are several items in the game that influence the Flying Squid's abilities.


Name Cost Level Effect Duration Cooldown
CD RD Tbta O EoTS BI D BS BK C I MoB SD Minister of Bread 1B 10 Add 25% to Flying Squid DPS
Loose Cannon Loose Cannon 2B 25 Add 700% to Flying Squid DPS for 180 seconds (skill #6; Pastafury) 3 minutes 10 minutes
Bad Touch Pastafury Pastafury 10B 50 Add 2% to Flying Squid DPS for each level
VS P FDH AH Five Donkey Halves 100B 100 Add 50% to Flying squid DPS


List of sentences when you level up Flying Squid:

  • SO KAWAI!!!
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  • The Skill Pastafury maybe be reference to Pastafarianism.
  • According to the The Black Lich the Flying Squid uses contacts which mean she has bad eyesight.
  • The Flying Squid's DPS item can also be spotted as the Plaque in a Bottle's cork.
  • Halloween 2016 Flying Squid's costume is a reference to Sailor Moon or Sailor Scout or a Japanese High School Girl. It is unknown if "Censor" sign is part of costume or something to hide from player.
  • Halloween 2017 Flying Squid's costume is a reference to Dragon Ball Z as a Super Saiyan.
  • According to the BerzerkEJ Squid is a girl
  • Squid's upgrade quotes are popular anime phrases, however SO KAWAI!!! is spelt incorrectly, the correct spelling is Kawaii.