Halloween 2017 is an event that began on 12th October 2017 and ended 8th November 2017.

A special feature of the event was that Bob and his minions wore Halloween Costumes.

After the end all remaining Candy was turned into orbs according to formula:

250 Halloween Candy.png Candies = Fast Time Travel

Candies[edit | edit source]

Halloween Candy.png

Trick or treating is too slow. Lets burn and pillage for candy!

For the time of the event, Candy Corns are a special currency used to buy event items. Candy Corns drop from destroyed houses in all kingdoms with a chance that is determined based on the number of Candy Corns collected so far. The soft cap increases by 25 every 4 hours, which means that every 4 hours your drop chance might increase if the number of collected Candy Corns meets certain criteria.

This mechanic was implemented to help every player reach their goal even if they access the event later than the others. For a more thorough explanation see Event mechanics.

Candy Store[edit | edit source]

Halloween Candy Shop Icon.png

Dude, bro. I have a major sweet tooth. Let me have your candy and I can scrounge around in the rubble for extra stuff!

Blue Specter's Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • I love 'Homework: The Candy'!
  • Candy corn, black licorice, I'll eat anything!
  • I miss candyland... Everything was tasty
  • I want a Mr Adequate-Bar
  • Count Discount is my favourite
  • Found any salt water taffy?
  • I'm totally find with loser candy!
  • Ever heard of 'summerween'? Me neither
  • So much time and so little to do!
  • Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.

Purchasable Items[edit | edit source]

Item Price Effect
Fast Time Travel
Halloween Candy.pngVinque-2-white.pngVinque-5-white.pngVinque-0-white.png Obtain a number of orbs
Power Potion.png
Power Potion
Halloween Candy.pngVinque-2-white.pngVinque-5-white.pngVinque-0-white.png Add 20% / 30% / 50% to all DPS when bob sleeps
Power Axe.png
Power Axe
Halloween Candy.pngVinque-2-white.pngVinque-5-white.pngVinque-0-white.png Add 10% / 15% / 30% to non-tap monsters
Death Calice.png
Death Chalice
Halloween Candy.pngVinque-2-white.pngVinque-5-white.pngVinque-0-white.png Add 5% / 10% / 20% skull's value
Necro Sword.png
Necro Sword
Halloween Candy.pngVinque-2-white.pngVinque-5-white.pngVinque-0-white.png Add 30% / 40% / 60% to tap damage
Vampires Blood.png
Vampire's Blood
Halloween Candy.pngVinque-2-white.pngVinque-sign-dot-white.pngVinque-5-white.pngVinque-uppercase-k-white.png Skull values by x2 when Bob sleeps

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the Blue Specter's quotes are references to an episode of Gravity Falls called Summerween
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