Imitation Orb Shard is an unique item added in v1.03.042 to replace the Orb Shard Orb Shard players owned prior to the Nemesis Update.

 Description Edit

Imitation Orb Shard was introduced intentionally to replace the Orb Shard Orb Shard players obtained during and after Bob's Special Day.

As an Event Item, Imitation Orb is an unique item and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

  • Any preexisting Orb Shard in the game has been transformed into Imitation Orb Shard, which means that players who owned it prior to the update will automatically have their Orb Shard exchanged.
  • Now it can be bought in the Map Item dump Item Dump for 250 Diamond Diamonds.

Notes Edit

  • Since v1.03.055 Imitation Orb Shard has been discounted to 250 Diamond Diamonds (50% discount).