Lachhh is a game developer who created Zombidle with the help of other fellow Berzerk Studio developers. He co-founded Berzerk Studios in 2008 and has worked on games such as Berzerk Ball, Sands of the Coliseum, Frantic Frigates, PeaceKeeper and Just Shapes and Beats.

Coder extraordinaire, public speaker, advice giver, baby maker, proficient at Microsoft Words. Lachhh is the human swiss knife behind the zeros and ones of our games as well as being the main handshaker at events.

Lachhh likes to talk about things, a lot. He started a youtube show called Indie Your Face, where he vomits all of his knowledge onto his loving audience, then blames his bystanding kids for the odor.

Follow his adventures on his blog!

His face appears in the game when the special scroll reward activates.

Lachhh Corp Edit

Lachhh Corp is second personality of Lachhh. Lachhh Corp loves nothing more than money. He tells the player to watch more ads for his own benefit.

He even useses spam mails to get more attention. You may recieve one of them randomly.

Twitch Edit

Lachhhtools Edit

LachhhTools is a program developed specifically for Twitch to make streams more interesting. Stream participants will be highlighted for subscribing and donating. The streamer can also give the subscribers virtual presents.

To use Lachhh tools you need:

  • A computer with a webcam
  • a Twitch account
  • Adobe Air

You can find LachhhTool here.

Streaming Edit

  • Lachhh is currently on a break from streaming due to working on Just Shapes & Beats!
  • Check out on Tuesdays and Thurdays 11am PST (6pm UTC) how the development of "Just Shapes and Beats" is going.
  • Every second Friday as a part of the Berzerk Podcast
  • If you missed a stream you can find it here
  • For a list of his videos on YouTube click here

Private life Edit

  • Lachhh is married and got two daughters and a son.
  • Lachhh has a brother and sister who is called Elaine.
  • Lachhh plays piano.

Trivia Edit

  • Lachhh biggest dream of 2005 was to be on the front page of newgrounds. Thanks to the high succes of Zombidle it stayed there for more than one year. No other game, video, music or art has ever been there so long.
  • As all the other main devolopers he likes the channel of the Sexual-Lobster on Newgrounds.
  • It wasn't planned to break the sun glasses of Lachhh corp. See this
  • The sun glases of the anniverary can be found here
  • The "WereYouExpectingSomeoneElse" Photo can be found in the zombidle files in the folder "LachhhPornFolder"

Quotes Edit

  • "Your face is a stack overflow" - Lachhh about Kojak when Kojak's code doesn't work.
  • "OH SHIET!" - Lachhh sees Kojak's code work.
  • "sweeeet" - When he sees something he likes.

Gallery Edit