The Magic Dagger is a unique item that was introduced in the "Kingdom Domination Extended!" update.

Properties Edit

The Magic Dagger is a weapon that has a purple blade and skull on a pommel.

This item adds 30% crit hit to tap damage; the only other item that changes critical hits is the Power Necklace. The item is similar to the Swarm of Bats' passive skill "NANANANANANA" which adds 10% crit hit, as well as The Big Plague's active skill "Blackest of Plagues" which adds 50% crit hit for 120 seconds.

The Magic Dagger is a unique item and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

The Magic Dagger can be obtained from a Challenge and only once.

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Malgar Realm

Challenge II

Item Magic Dagger
Magic Dagger
Add 30% crit hit

Trivia Edit

Skull Dagger impostor

Beta testers exclusive item

  • The item's texture has similar visuals as beta item Skull Dagger.
  • An identical dagger with a differently colored blade exists in the game files. This item was given out to beta testers