Malgar Realm is the second kingdom. The only way to enter Malgar Realm is using the Frantic Frigate Frantic Frigate.
Malgar Realm villager

Kingdom is inhabited by cat race, architecture is inspiration from medieval Asia. Kingdom's ruler is giant Cat King.

Whole country is similar to a plateau, populated by some acacia trees. West side border has pine tree forest that is Amero Kingdom and east side has no forests at all.

World Overview Edit

  • Locations: 12
  • Total difficulty range: 51-600 (King: 606-625, Wizard: 651)
  • Difficulty spread: 550/575/601
  • Total number of levels: 750
  • Levels occur 1 or 2 times each
  • Chests: 3 StarStar Blue Chests
  • Challenges: 6
  • Time Portals: x2, x3
  • Item Dump
  • Base Orbs Formula: [(Boss Level / 5) - 10] x 1

Map Edit


Locations Edit

Exactly half of every normal location must be destroyed to unlock connected locations.

Name Difficulty range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 51-200 Starting location
Challenge I (Evil 3D Printer) 301-315
West Woodlands 201-225
Challenge II (Magic Dagger) 301-325
New Farmshire 201-300
Challenge III (Greed Splinter) 326-340
West Lumberdale 226-250
Time Portal (x2) Complete difficulty 238 in West Lumberdale
Western Garrison 301-400
Challenge IV (50 Diamonds) 351-365
Hightower Pass 251-400
Challenge V (Durahell Battery) 451
Challenge VI (1984 Spectral Vacuum) 451-500
Northern Walk 401-430
Secret Chest – Cat Warrior ( StarStar Blue Chest) 426
South Lumberdale 431-450
Vantage Point 451-480
Secret Chest – Green Dragon ( StarStar Blue Chest) 476
Hightower Keep 481-510
Summer Road 511-540
Time Portal (x3) Complete difficulty 525 in Summer Road
Salty Fort 541-600
The King ( StarStarStar Blue Chest) 606-625 Complete difficulty 495 in Hightower Keep
Secret Chest – Mercenary Knight ( StarStar Blue Chest) 551


Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Challenge I 301-315 E3P
Evil 3D Printer
Allows the player to access the Forge at the Arcane Laboratory
Map Challange Challenge II 301-325 Item Magic Dagger
Magic Dagger
Add 30% crit hit
Map Challange Challenge III 326-340 Greed splinter
Greed Splinter
Multiplies skull values by 10%. Stacks multiplicatively
Map Challange Challenge IV 351-365 Diamond
50 Diamonds
Durahell Bunny Boss icon Challenge V 451 Durahell Battery
Durahell Battery
Adds a battery to the first craft slot
Map Challange Challenge VI 451-500 Backpack
1984 Spectral Vacuum
Allows the player to collect Villager Ghosts

Houses Edit

The Houses of Malgar Realm are inspired by medieval Japan. They are all timber-framed.

Timber-framed houses Malgar Realm Houses1
Timber-framed fortress Malgar Realm Houses2

Enemies Edit

Cat Army Edit

The Cat Leaders, full of resentment caused by the Bob's destructive actions, have called all Cats of the Malgar Realm to stand against Bob to stop him and his army from Hell. They are always accompanied by the helpful wizard.

There are three different types of Soldiers:

  • Swordsman
  • Spearman
  • Flagbearer
Malgar Realm Army1 Malgar Realm Army2 Malgar Realm Army3 Malgar Realm Army3 Malgar Realm Army4 Malgar Realm Army5 Malgar Realm Army6

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
Cat Wizard Boss Wizard2 Guarding each boss stage He is always guarding and after timer runs out, he heals the boss. Wizard can be killed after time warpping once the entire kingdom has been destroyed
Cat Warrior Boss CatWarrior Guards Blue Chest
(2 Stars)
A strong Warrior of the Clan of Cats
Green Dragon Green Dragon Guards Blue Chest
(2 Stars)
A mystical creature based on the fusion of a dragon and a griffin


Boss MercenaryKnight Guarding Blue Chest
(2 Stars)
The armor of Mercenary Knight makes him a tough guard
Cat King King Malgar Realm Final boss of the Malgar Realm King and ruler of Malgar Realm


  • Only weaker cat armies have flagbearer.
  • The Swordsman of Malgar Realm are inspired by Samurai.
  • Only weak and strong cat armies have Spearman.
  • This kingdom is specializing in item crafting and ghost collecting for Forge.