Mayhem Shard is a shard item that multiplies DPS values by six.


Mayhem Shard is a yellow colored shard if you stare at it you can see mayhem and violence. It a bit tougher look than regular War Shard.

Mayhem Shard is a very powerful item for increasing total damage. Low tier of this item is War Shard and similar item in power is Fortune Shard.

Mayhem Shard is a shard item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Mayhem Shard can be crafted in the Forge.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes for Mayhem Shard
Item Description Ingredients Time
Mayhem Shard
Mayhem Shard
Multiplies your DPS by 6. Stacks multiplicatively War shard
War Shard
War shard
War Shard
Ectoplasm Prism
2 days