Spectral Scimitar is an arcane item that benefits from killing villagers.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Spectral Scimitar is a blade weapon that is made out of ectoplasm of dead villagers.

Spectral Scimitar adds 50% to skull values dropped from villagers.

The bonus from Spectral Scimitar is additive and the total is a separate skull bonus multiplier next to the bonus from items, shards, or hell.

Player can benefit from this item if player is actively killing villagers, only the skulls dropped from the villagers are multiplied by the total bonus.

Spectral Scimitar is an arcane item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Spectral Scimitar can only be crafted in the Forge with help of 1984 Spectral Vacuum.

Crafting Recipe[edit | edit source]

Recipes for Spectral Scimitar
Item Description Ingredients Time
Spec schimitar.png
Spectral Scimitar
Add 50% to skull values dropped from villagers Ectoplasm.png
Necro Sword.png
Necro Sword
Necro Sword.png
Necro Sword

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When item was first introduced, there was a bug which caused the exact % amount to not be shown.
  • The description "Now this is a knife" is a reference to the meme made after the 1986 movie "Crocodile Dundee". Dundee actually says "That's not a knife… THAT's a knife.".
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