Spectre Axe is an arcane item. It is affected by one of Blue Specter's active abilities Spectral Repossession.


Spectre Axe is a weapon crafted specially for Blue Specter. Two sided blade which made out of blue amethyst stone and fused with ectoplasm abilities.

This item adds more DPS to Blue Specter when active skill Spectral Repossession is active, similar to Specter's Amethyst.

Spectre Axe is an arcane item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Spectre Axe can only be crafted in the Forge.

Strategy Edit

This item is barely useful (by the time you're able to craft it, the DPS of the Blue Specter is negligible against The Tomb King's). To add insult to injury, it requires an Ectoplasm Prism (40 hours crafting time), which is a waste. However, you are required to forge at least one Spectre Axe in the game, because it's part of the price to hire the Bunny Warrior chest keeper in Talar Country for auto-farming. Mind, you will need first to clear the Western Swamps and obtain the 4th Black Orb (level 2051 fight), so there's no hurry. Craft it when you need it, no sooner. And forget about this item afterward.

Next nearly-useless items you need to forge for a Chest Keeper are 3x Teeth of Doom for the Giant Lizard

Crafting Recipe Edit

Recipes for Spectre Axe
Item Description Ingredients Time
Spectral Axe
Spectre Axe
Add 400% to Blue Specter DPS while Spectral Repossession is active Specter's Amethyst
Specter's Amethyst
Power Axe
Power Axe
Ectoplasm Prism