Steam Badge is a unique item granted for playing Zombidle on Steam.

Steam Badge is one of the three badges awarded for playing zombidle on different platforms. The other two badges are Web Badge and Mobile Badge

 Properties Edit

Steam Badge is a green themed badge. Behind the shield with an image of a monitor, there is a Power Axe Power Axe and Bob's staff.

This item, similarly to most uniqe items, adds 20% to orbs drops. Some items similar to this one are The Potato Man The Potato Man and Easter Voodoo Doll Easter Voodoo Doll.

Steam Badge is unique and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

 Acquisition Edit

Steam Badge can only be obtained by playing Zombidle on Steam. You must have used a Time Portal at least once before you can obtain it. You must be logged in with a "Berzerk Pals" account to obtain it. (See Options, then Cross platform)

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes requiring Steam Badge
Item Description Ingredients Time
Ultimate Badge
Ultimate Badge
White orb drops x2 Steam Badge
Steam Badge
Web Badge
Web Badge
Mobile Badge
Mobile Badge
1 hour