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Here you can find tricks and treats to help you with world domination. If you are new to the game it is advised to know game mechanics first.

Optimal tapping strategies

Green pointer

New players may not initially be aware of the different options available for tapping. Along with clicking the mouse, players can also utilize the keys on the keyboard to tap. If the player is playing on a keyboard, for tapping speed and efficiency, placing the fingers of the left hand on Q-W-E-R and the fingers of the right hand on P-{ - } - | can maximize the speed of the tap and alleviate some strain on the fingers. Additionally you can hold down any button and it will automatically tap per seconds, but it is slowest method from all of them.

  • Cursor or tapping locations can vary depending on the goal that you're attempting to accomplish.

Houses' destruction rate


When clearing low-level areas, your DPS should be way above the building health. Therefore, the rate of destroying buildings would be limited by the building respawn delay. However, tapping can reduce such delay to almost instant, allowing quicker progression. Placing the cursor at the top-center of the screen, parallel to the "1" of sloth form bypasses the villagers almost completely. While advancing through low-levels, villager clicks have a tendency to slow the progress of building explosions. Using this strategy, the player will hit very few flaming villagers and be able to move through levels almost as quick as the sloth's form allows one to advance.

  • Reducing graphics such as explosions can also improve game speed and house destruction.
  • Creating Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces to increase the duration of the Sloth's Form is also advised for early-game players.

Gathering loot from villagers

Amero Kingdom Villager
In order to acquire ghosts and diamonds placing the cursor in the direct vicinity of the Red Knight on the screen can maximize the amount of villagers that cross the path of the cursor without having to move it. This is also effective once the player has created items that increase the amount of skulls received from fallen villagers.

Optimal reset period

Map Time Portal3

Most players have come to the agreement that if it takes more than 5 seconds to defeat a Boss (after 10/10 of every 5th difficulty) it is wise to reset in order to benefit from the White Orbs' bonus damage that have been gathered so far. The good choice is to collect all available chests before going through a portal.

Item Prioritization

Before reading the following, please consult Item Stacking section for a brief explanation on diminishing returns.

The following list is based on opinions and may not reflect your personal views.

Chest selection priority
# Item Motivation
1 Power Potion Power Potion Component required to craft Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces, Chaos crest Chaos Crests and additional War splinter War Splinters.
2 Death Calice Death Chalice Component required to craft Squid Stone Squid Stones and additional Greed splinter Greed Splinters.
3 Stone Tablet Stone Tablet Can be used to craft Power Cube Power Cubes and Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces.
In early game this item has the highest priority.
4 Magic Ring Magic Ring Component required to craft Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces, Chaos crest Chaos Crests and many other items.
5 Zombie Horde's Eye Zombie Horde's Eye Component required to craft Chaos crest Chaos Crests.
6 Squid's Teddy Bear Squid's Teddy Bear Increases DPS of the second strongest monster in the game and is a component required to craft Squid Stone Squid Stones.
7 King's Collar King's Collar Increases DPS of the strongest monster, however in late game it doesn't give much boost to the DPS.

Please note, you always need at least two items to forge the highest tier King's Collar, but two second highest tier Collars would yield more bonus. See Result Rarity and Tier for details with upgrading items with Ghosts.

Speed Runs for Item Farming


Blue Chest

Depending on the number of orbs and the players damage and skull multiplier, speed may differ, but with a 500x orb damage multiplier and 5x skull modifier, speed runs through the Rock Golem takes ~7 minutes.

For each run, accomplish the following:

  1. Click to defeat the first stage and yield enough skulls to upgrade Bob to level 2 and buy a Zombie Horde.
  2. Wait while Bob sleeps (assuming you have the Power Potions) and upgrade the Zombie Horde to level 50, getting the 5% skull bonus.
  3. Upgrade the Zombie Horde as quickly possible and complete the first 4 areas (through difficulty 70).
  4. Fight the Rock Golem and take the blue chest.
  5. Go through the time portal.
  6. Repeat

This strategy only yields 3-6 orbs per trip, but maximizes item farming for early play. Once level 205 can be completed in under 10 minutes, players should speed run to the second chest and second time portal (yielding ~200 orbs per run and 2 blue chests).


Chest Detector

Chest Detector!

At one point all players collect items for crafting rather than their effect. Players can improve item farming to practically ~1 min per chest. For that you will need:
  • Over 59 Pearl Necklaces for Sloth Form that will speed up house destruction.
  • Chest Detector can be handy, but you can quickly get items without it.

The quickest way to get chest is first world Amero Kingdom, because it has 4 chests and lowest amount of houses need to be destroyed to get them.

  1. Upgrade Bob and buy his Sloth's Form, use it right away!
  2. Buy few minions to start instantly destroying houses. Make sure you keep minions DPS always above house's health.
  3. Clear whole kingdom. Devil Deal that gives -X House Difficulty can help greatly.
  4. Before going through time portal you can quickly kill other chests keepers from other worlds that don't require world progression and can be killed instantly.
  5. Pillage and Plunder and Repeat.

Note: It is advised to focus on item farming during the passive event that allows you to collect all items in one chest.


Main article: Forge

Must-craft items
# Item Motivation
1 War shard War Shard
Greed shard Greed Shard
Though, at the beginning, due to Power Cube Piece Power Cube Pieces the damage is really rocketing, the Shards become more powerful in late game with their constant x2 damage / skull's value multiplier. When the price is reasonable, i.e. the damage gain after the Shard is crafted is greater than the damage loss and the recovery time of orbs is not too long, the Shards should be crafted directly, otherwise only by crafting Splinters.
2 Mega Cube Mega Cube Increases damage per white orb. We should balance the amount of Mega Cubes owned with Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklaces. Note that sensible amount of Pearl Necklaces is always limited.
3 Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace Increases our skill duration. Does great job on active playing. The Must Have is 59 of Pearl Necklaces to have constantly active Sloth's Form. The Nice to have number is 108 which allows us to have every skill active constantly. Due to Crunchy Candy Cookie Crunchy Candy Cookie, Triangle JS&B Triangle and Square JS&B Square these numbers can be reduced by 8 and 14 respectively.
4 Elixir of Madness Elixir of Madness
Death Mason Jar Death Mason Jar
Both are the components required to craft additional splinters which greatly increase damage/income.
5 Ectoplasmprism Ectoplasm Prism Prisms are used to craft many powerful items, e.g. Fortune Shard Fortune Shards, Mayhem Shard Mayhem Shards, War splinter War Splinters and many more. It takes 40h in Arcane Laboratory to craft it so we should always craft it if we don`t have anything above! Sometimes its worth to prioritize Ectoplasm Prism to get Fortune or Mayhem Shard quicker.
6 Chaos crest Chaos Crest Increases white orbs income. Note: Chaos gem Chaos Gem is not really worth crafting due to Ectoplasmball Ectoplasm Ball being among its requirements.
7 Squid Stone Squid Stone Cooperates nicely with Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace. Underestimated item that may massively increase skull income. Don't build more than 6 for efficiency.
8 King's Collar King's Collar It may seem that Squid's Teddy Bear Squid's Teddy Bear is better in late game due to Pasta Fury skill but experience proves that the price difference makes King's Collar more efficient.

Note: Why not build more than 6 Squid Stone Squid Stones?
Building 6 more Squid Stones will increase income by x2, same as a Greed shard Greed Shard. It would require the same amount of craft time. So the cost will be more or less the same as building a Greed Shard but the Shard can be changed into something more powerful.

Diamonds Farming

Main article: Diamonds

Diamond Cheststore

Diamonds are key resource to upgrade Hell and help you in your game. There is many ways to gather diamonds and here few advices you can take to help you in grinding:

  • Diamonds drops from villagers reset every 4 hours. You can set time of every 4 hours after you got diamonds from villager.
  • Finish up all bounties for Nasty Item and keep going for extra diamonds.
  • Check Spectre Genie Code page daily and visit Developer's streams can greatly help.
  • Accepting twenty Devil Deals will give you Lachhh Scroll that will earn you 20 diamonds as well as regular Devil Deals that contain diamonds. Devil Deal reset every 5 min after the cooldown.
  • In Diamond Store you can earn free diamond offers and if you will try to buy Ludicrous Pack then it will give you free diamonds. All those give out diamonds only single time.


This table would help to prioritize hell buildings and what to build in order since v1.03.056. I would start collecting those diamonds if I were you.

Hell Buildings Prioritization
# Buildings Levels Motivation Price
1 Golden Shower of Deathness 0 -> 1 To facilitate completing challenges 25 Diamond Diamonds
2 Chaos Resort 0 -> 3 +7 diamonds scrolls and other bonuses 1070 Diamond Diamonds
3 Arcane Laboratory 1 -> 5 More crafting slots 1275 Diamond Diamonds
4 Chaos Resort 3 -> 7 Other bonuses 3800 Diamond Diamonds
5 Armageddon Armory / Corporate Bank of Capitalism 0 -> 9 DPS/Skull value boost.
Upgrade the cheapest.
9940 Diamond Diamonds
6 Golden Shower of Deathness 1 -> 7 More Sloth's Form/click damage 2600 Diamond Diamonds

Note: If you found Empty Demon Shell it is recommended to upgrade Maurice if you have trouble to finish bounties for Nasty Item. It is more profitable to immediately improve Maurice to level 3, spending 900 diamonds, because in this case, the payback period of the invested funds will be less (18 weeks, 50 diamonds per week).

Item Dump

This table would help to prioritize item dump items for those people who missed the event. It is recommended to start buy first item after you got Arcane Laboratory to maximal level.

Item Dump Prioritization
Item Motivation Price
Carl's Toenails Multiplies DPS by 3 per black orb
If you can't get to Western Swamps skip this until you can
250 Diamond Diamonds
Imitation Orb Shard White orb drops x2. Stacks multiplicatively 250 Diamond Diamonds
Gummy Wizard's Ring Increase White Orb drop by 25% per Black Orb 250 Diamond Diamonds
Massagy Squid Increase white orb drops by 25% per black orb 500 Diamond Diamonds
Empty Turtle Shell Start with +1 level of Carl The Monolith 150 Diamond Diamonds
Blue Spectre's Paranormal Stick Add 10% to ghost spawning chances 125 Diamond Diamonds
Xmas Warhammer Multiplies your DPS by 4. Stacks multiplicatively. Recipe for crafting: Xmas Coal Xmas Metal Bar Xmas Bow 150 Diamond Diamonds
Bag of Cash Multiplies skull values by 3. Stacks multiplicatively. Recipe for crafting: Piece of Cash Pile of Cash Stack of Cash 300 Diamond Diamonds
Broscar Multiplies your DPS by 3. Stacks multiplicatively. Recipe for crafting: Gold Bar Diamond Bar Platinum Bar 300 Diamond Diamonds
MegaCrab Multiplies skull values by 3. Stacks multiplicatively. Recipe for crafting: Crab Crab Crab 300 Diamond Diamonds
Barracuda on a Stick Multiplies your DPS by 3. Stacks multiplicatively. Recipe for crafting: Fish on a Stick Fish on a Stick Fish on a Stick 300 Diamond Diamonds
Star of Deathness Add 25% to White Orb Drop 150 Diamond Diamonds
The Potato Man Add 20% to orb drops. Recipe for crafting: A Witch's Shoes A Haunted Potato An Evil Candle 250 Diamond Diamonds
Xmas Monster Head Add 30 to UNCOMMON boss drop. Recipe for crafting: Evil Candy Cane Snowball of Doom Xmas Eye 250 Diamond Diamonds
Strange Diamond Add 10% to Carl's bonus. Postpone if you can't get Carl the Monolith to at least level 30 500 Diamond Diamonds
Magic Doughnut Add 20% to white orb drop 75 Diamond Diamonds
Ceremonial Dagger Add 20% to white orb drop 150 Diamond Diamonds
Carl's Birthday Card Add 20% to white orb drop 150 Diamond Diamonds
Sauce Sized Necroware Increase ghost storage by 10 50 Diamond Diamonds
Smiley Baloney Add 100% skull's value while Pillage and Plunder is active 75 Diamond Diamonds
Golden Cherry Add 10 to COMMON boss drop 100 Diamond Diamonds
Easter Voodoo Doll Add 20% to Orb drops. Recipe for crafting: Bully Bunny's Head Bully Bunny's Foot Bully Bunny's Carrot 250 Diamond Diamonds
The Potato Lady Add 15 to UNCOMMON boss drops. Recipe for crafting: Another Witch's Shoes A Sexy Potato Evil Lipstick 250 Diamond Diamonds
Sandwich Sized Necroware Increase ghost storage by 20 100 Diamond Diamonds
Red Knight's Necklace Add 10 to COMMON boss drop 125 Diamond Diamonds
Concrete Clothespin Add 20% to Orb drops 125 Diamond Diamonds
Golden Trophy Reduce Carl The monolith cost by 10% 100 Diamond Diamonds
Steve the Xmas Star Reduce monster cost by 20% 250 Diamond Diamonds
Cookie Jar Necroware Increase ghost storage by 20 100 Diamond Diamonds
Big Plague's Chier Pet Reduce monster cost by 5% 125 Diamond Diamonds
Xmas Potion Add 20% to orbs drop. Recipe for crafting: Xmas Berries Lemon Flavoured Magic Snow Xmas Bottle 150 Diamond Diamonds
Fused Alchemical Lollipop Add 20% to White Orb Drop. Recipe for crafting: Juicy Purple Candy (Lollipop) Juicy Blue Candy (Lollipop) Juicy Yellow Candy (Lollipop) 450 Diamond Diamonds
Fused Enchanted Taffy Add 20% to White Orb Drop. Recipe for crafting: Juicy Pink Candy Juicy Blue Candy Juicy Green Candy 450 Diamond Diamonds
Doom Safe Get 1000 starting skulls with bonuses when using a time portal 75 Diamond Diamonds
Crunchy Candy Cookie Decrease Skill cooldown by 5% 250 Diamond Diamonds

Note: After a year since the event item's price gets 50% discount. The table is based on Nautchking's priority list. Some items are not mentioned on the list, but it mostly cause they bring no valuable enough bonus unless simply waste diamonds for your own amusement.

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