Succubus is one of two woman characters in the game, the other being Flying Squid. She is responsible for randomly offering various Devil Deals to the player and since they are the deals with the devil they are not free. The player will have to watch a short ad to receive the bonus. Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got, she's still going to cash in your soul when you die.

Succubus appears in all offers apart from acknowledgement scroll where instead of her Lachhh emerges. This particular scroll will award player with 20 diamonds without watching any ads.


  • Your soul
  • Blood
  • Affiliate marketing
  • White collar crimes
  • Paperwork


  • Self righteous people
  • Angels (see above)
  • Cold weather
  • Sweaters

Quotes Edit

Succubus sharing thoughs about Carl the Monolith:

  • Please don't tell Carl...
  • He's so dreamy...
  • I really hope he likes hearts
  • I wonder how old he is
  • He has such a cute little smile
  • How does that backpack stay up?

Bob's Special Day Challenge message to Bob:

  • Hey sweetie! We've made a lot of deals in the past year... I thought it was only fitting I get you a little something!

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Trivia Edit

  • Succubus was created, because the Developers didn't want to associate any other character with ads.
  • Lich has a crush on her, but it's dubious whether she is aware of that.
  • Halloween 2016 Her costume is ironically a seductive angel.
  • Halloween 2017 Her costume is a hot hotdog, dog.
  • She has a crush on Carl the Monolith.
  • Succubus owns a Heart Store that was available during Valentine's Day 2017.
  • Her pinky is the same length as her ring finger.