Talar Country is the third kingdom. The only way to enter Talar Country is using the Frantic Frigate.
Talar Country villager

Kingdom is inhabited by rabbit race. The architecture is inspiration from Gothic art of the 13th century AD of Western and Central europe. Kingdom's ruler is giant Rabbit.

Whole country is very mountainous, populated by some acacia trees at the valley.

World Overview Edit

  • Locations: 17
  • Difficulty range: 451-1000 (King: 1006-1025, Wizard: 1051)
  • Difficulty spread: 550/575/601
  • Total number of levels: 850
  • Levels occur 1 to 3 times each
  • 3 StarStarStar Blue Chests
  • Challenges: 5
  • Time Portals: x3, x4
  • Item Dump
  • Base Orbs Formula: [(Boss Level / 5) - 10] x 1.5

Map Edit


Locations Edit

Name Difficulty Range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 451-500 Starting location
New Farmshire 551-600 Starting location
Western Garrison 501-550
West Woodlands 531-580
West Lumbderdale 551-600
Secret Chest - Bunny Warrior (StarStarStar Blue Chest) 601
Hightower Pass 601-630
Nothern Walk 601-650
Time Portal (x3) Complete difficulty 625 in Northern Walk
South Lumberdale 631-660
Challenge I (Power Necklace) 651-665
Pikeshire 661-700
Secret Chest - Giant Lizard ( StarStarStar Blue Chest) 701
Secret Chest - Lion Guardian ( StarStarStar Blue Chest) 751
Vantage Point 771-800
Summer Road 801-830
Hightower Keep 831-880
Salty Fort 881-920
Time Portal (x4) Complete difficulty 900 in Salty Fort
Summer Court 701-730
High Northvale 731-760
Challenge II (Passports) 731-755
Old Middleshire 761-800
North Lumberdale 801-1000
The King ( StarStarStarStar Blue Chest) 1006-1025 Complete difficulty 900 in North Lumberdale


Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Challenge 601-615 Item Rusty
Old Rusty
Allows the Red Knight to practice surgery
Map Challange Challenge I 651-665 Item Power Necklace
Power Necklace
Increase critical hit
damage by 100%
Map Challange Challenge II 731-755 Item Passport
Glory to Goodlandia
access to World 4 (Western Swamps)
and World 5 (Death Volcano)
Durahell Bunny Boss icon Challenge 751 Durahell Battery
Durahell Battery
Adds a battery to the second craft slot
Map Challange Challenge 851-865 Empty Demon Shell
Empty Demon Shell
Summons Maurice

Houses Edit

The architecture is inspiration from Gothic art of the 13th century AD of Western and Central europe. All buildings seems to be churches. There are no farm houses or fortress elements in the architecture of Talar Country

Churches Talar Country Houses1
Cathedral Talar Country Houses2

Enemies Edit

Rabbit Army Edit

The Rabbit armies is similar to the human Army. They are obstacle and trying to stop Bob to progress the area. They are always accompany by a wizard.

There are three different types of Soldiers:

  • Swordsman
  • Spearman
  • Flagbearer

A typical Soldier of Talar Country fight with a two-handed sword. Only weaker units are using a shield to defend thereself.

Talar Country Army1 Talar Country Army2 Talar Country Army3 Talar Country Army4 Talar Country Army5 Talar Country Army6 Talar Country Army7

Bosses Edit

Main article: Bosses

Name Image Function Description
Rabbit Wizard Boss Wizard3 Guarding each boss stage He is always guarding and after timer is run out he resets boss health. After beating each area you can defeat him at last time portal.
Bunny Warrior Boss Bunny Warrior Guarding blue chest
(3 Stars)
A strong Warrior of the Clan of Rabbits.
Giant Lizard Boss Giant Lizard Guarding blue chest
(3 Stars)
An oversized newt
Lion Guardian Lion Guardian Guarding blue chest
(3 Stars)
A mighty lion
Rabbit King King Talar Country Final boss at King Challenge King and ruler of Talar Country


  • The Rabbit King is very similar to Bugs Bunny in the King Arthurs Movie (See this)
  • The symbol on the shield of the weakest swordmen is the flag of Malgar Realm
  • On the background of the flag of Talar Country is the flag of Malgar Realm. It is shown when the flag fell down after its bearer dies.
  • Prior to v1.03.021 the last location in this world was Grinlandia with difficulty range 1001-2000.