Teeth of Doom is an arcane item that benefits from Bob sleeping.


Teeth of Doom is a dentures with fangs, possibly belongs to Bob, putting them away before going to sleep like elder people usually do.

Teeth of Doom add 50% to skull value when Bob is sleeping. Similar items that benefit from Bob sleep are Power Potion and A Bad Seed. This item is more powerful than Death Chalice if Bob is in sleep state.

Teeth of Doom is an arcane item and doesn't have any other rarity and it has no star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Teeth of Doom can only be crafted in the Forge with help of 1984 Spectral Vacuum.


This item is nearly worthless due to Sloth's Form forcing Bob to stay awake. However, like with Spectre Axe, you need to forge some (at least 3) of them during the game because they are a prerequisite to hire the Giant Lizard chest keeper in Talar Country for auto-farming (again, this is after 4th Black Orb from Western Swamps, requiring a level 2051 fight, so there is no hurry to craft this item early on the game).

Crafting Recipe Edit

Recipes for Teeth of Doom
Item Description Ingredients Time
Teeth of Doom
Add 50% to skull value when Bob sleeps Ectoplasmball
Ectoplasm Ball
Power Potion
Power Potion
Power Potion
Power Potion

Trivia Edit

  • Items is referencing to dentures or fake teeth.