The Thanksgiving Event is a temporary event which started on 25th November 2016 and ended on 8th December 2016. A new challenge was available in the Amero Kingdom. The player could get a Greed Shard for completing the challenge.

The Thanksgiving Event was the smallest temporary event of all time.

Map Edit

The event was integrated into the Amero Kingdom and had no own map. Only one challenge was added.

Thanks Giving Map

Challenge Edit

The levels of the Challenge depended on the highest level the player has ever reached (denoted as x in following table).

Name Level Range Reward Effect
Thanksgiving Challange
Thanksgiving Challenge
X + 10 Greed shard
Greed Shard
Multiplies skull values by 2.
Stacks multiplicatively

Enemies Edit

Enemy Function Description
Thanks Giving Giant Turkey
Giant Turkey
Final Boss of the Challenge A mad giant turkey with a huge axe
Thanks Giving Turkey Army
Turkey Army
Part of the Challenge The player has to beat 15 waves of turkeys to get to the Giant Turkey

Trivia Edit

  • The giant Turkey is the only boss Bob was afraid of.