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The Land of Turtles is an event prepared in cooperation with GonzoSSM. The event began on 17th August 2017 and ended on 14th September 2017. After the end all remaining Cash was turned into orbs according to formula:

250 Cash.png Cash = Fast Time Travel

Ancient Portal[edit | edit source]

Burrito Bison Portal.png

It's a strange portal. It appears to have reactivated. Do you dare go through?

The Ancient Portal to GonzoLand is shown flying in the bottom left corner of the world map. Another way to the GonzoLand is via the Ancient Portal located at the very beginning of the Amero Kingdom.

You may freely move between the worlds. There is no charge for using the Portal.

The Ancient Portal is only available and activated during The Land of Turtles Event.

World Overview[edit | edit source]

The difficulty of the Challenges and Locations depends on the highest ever reached difficulty.

  • Locations: 7
  • Challenges: 3
  • Bosses: 2
  • Cash Store
  • Gonzo's Links

Map[edit | edit source]

GonzoMap 3.png

Gonzo's Links[edit | edit source]

Gonzo Links Icon.png

Gonzo is a great friend of ours, this whole world was done by him. Support him by checking his stuff!

Gonzo Super Toss the Turte Icon.png
Super Toss the Turtle
Gonzo Youtube Icon.png
Gonzo Twitch Icon.png

Challenges and Bosses[edit | edit source]

Land of Turtles is filled with banana like creatures. They are obstacles and trying to stop Bob from progressing through the area. They are always accompanied by The Shop Keep.

Gonzo Banana1.png Gonzo Banana2.png Gonzo Banana1.png

The level of the Challenges depends on the highest level the player has ever reached (denoted as x in following table).

Name Difficulty Reward
Challenge I
Banana Yuken
??? Piece of Cash.png
Piece of Cash
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Gonzo 2017
Gonzo challenge2.png
Challenge II
Jefé Don Jalepeño
??? Pile of Cash.png
Pile of Cash
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Gonzo 2017
Gonzo challenge3.png
Challenge III
??? Stack of Cash.png
Stack of Cash
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Gonzo 2017
GrapeSoda challenge.png
Grape Soda Man
??? Chaos gem.png
Chaos Gem
Add 2 to COMMON boss drops
ShopKeeper challenge.png
The Shop Keep
??? Chaos gem.png
Chaos Gem
Add 2 to COMMON boss drops

Grape Soda Man and The Shop Keep may be defeated multiple times but only once per timeline. The level of either boss increases by a value dependent on Highest Difficulty Reached each time he is defeated.

Highest Difficulty Reached Boss Level increment
0-749 20
750-999 15
1000+ 10

Cash[edit | edit source]


Murder turtles and collect this 'cash' stuff for the shopkeeper!

For the time of the event, Cash is a special currency used to buy event items. Cash drops from destroyed houses in all kingdoms and GonzoLand with a chance that is determined based on the amount of Cash collected so far. The hard cap increases by 50 every 4 hours, which means that every 4 hours your drop chance might increase if the amount of collected cash meets certain criteria. The cap is multiplied by cash multiplier which varies for everyone depending on owned items, but the base cap is the same for everyone

This mechanic was implemented to help every player reach their goal even if they access the event later than the others. For a more thorough explanation see Event mechanics.

Cash Multiplier[edit | edit source]

By default the number of dropped cash units is 1 (and the cash multiplier is 1); however, it can be raised by obtaining special event items from the shop or challenges.

Item Effect
Piece of Cash.png Piece of Cash +1 to cash multiplier
Pile of Cash.png Pile of Cash +1 to cash multiplier
Stack of Cash.png Stack of Cash +1 to cash multiplier
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar +1 to cash multiplier
Platinum Bar.png Platinum Bar +1 to cash multiplier
Diamond Bar.png Diamond Bar +1 to cash multiplier

Note: Click on the icon with the Event currency and you will quickly get into the store.

Cash Store[edit | edit source]

Gonzo Shop Icon.png

Welcome! Those turtles have cash, and it's all I accept here. You gotta bring me some if you want to get hooked up with what I have.

The Shop Keep's Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Got some cash?
  • Blast Co. welcomes you!
  • Blast Co. is not responsible for damage
  • Buy everything! I've got kids!
  • Need something that goes boom?
  • Need something that goes boom?
  • I got something special in the back!
  • No documentation is best...

Purchasable Items[edit | edit source]

Item Price Effect
Full-Auto Ammo
All damage x9 for 60 seconds
Invest in you!
Skull's value x10 for 5 minutes
Craft skip devil buff.png
I've got connections...
Skip 4h of craft time!
Power Cube Piece.png
Power Cube Piece

Add 15% to total DPS per white orb
Gold Bar.png
Gold Bar
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Gonzo 2017
Platinum Bar.png
Platinum Bar
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Gonzo 2017
Diamond Bar.png
Diamond Bar
Add an extra 1 to item drop for Gonzo 2017
Empty Turtle Shell.png
Empty Turtle Shell
Start with +1 level of Carl The Monolith
Strange Diamond.png
Strange Diamond
Add 10% to Carl's bonus
Golden Trophy.png
Golden Trophy
Reduce Carl The monolith cost by 10%

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Forge

Crafting Recipes
Item Description Ingredients Time
Multiplies your DPS by 3. Stacks multiplicatively Gold Bar.png
Gold Bar
Diamond Bar.png
Diamond Bar
Platinum Bar.png
Platinum Bar
Bag of Cash.png
Bag of Cash
Multiplies skull values by 3. Stacks multiplicatively Piece of Cash.png
Piece of Cash
Pile of Cash.png
Pile of Cash
Stack of Cash.png
Stack of Cash

Houses[edit | edit source]

All buildings in Land of Turtles are turtle shell theme.

Gonzo House1.png Gonzo House2.png Gonzo House3.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All art assets were created by GonzoSSM.
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