Amero Kingdom's Wizard is the first wizard boss that the player encounters.

The Wizard is one of the first enemies that Bob meets and will pursue the player through the whole Kingdom until he is defeated in his own realm. He wears a staff and blue robe, and is usually floating in the air and shielding soldiers. Sometimes he carries white orbs.

After defeating the wizard boss in his realm, the player receives a black orb as a reward. To reach his realm, the player must complete all locations in the Amero Kingdom (not including The King) and activate the final Time Portal. This battle will not appear after it is completed for the first time.

Achievements Edit

After defeating The Wizard, the player receives an achievement "Clear Area I" which multiplies non-tap monsters' DPS by 1.05.


  • The design may be inspiration from Merlin.
  • The boss' design is almost the same as that of the wizard boss from Trap Monster, the difference being that Trap Monster's boss is in a darker blue robe.