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Next Update Edit

  • ...

Evil blueprints (near future plans) Edit

Those upcoming features mentioned by the developers that may be released very soon, but not necessarily in the next update.

World annihilation plans (long term plans) Edit

  • Multiplayer
  • Skill tree
  • Clerics who, when defeated, reduce health of The Angel.
  • Forge Cookbook (list of known item recipes, due to low priority it may not be released)
  • Forge History (list of few last crafted items, due to low priority it may not be released)
  • More personality for each monster
  • More collaboration with other game development studios like Day off at Burrito's and The Land Of Turtles

Hell Edit

Full hell update

Many new Hell Buildings

  • Many new buildings and levels in Hell.
  • Upcoming building will be related to Monster Prestige.

Map Edit


Future world

  • New Worlds 8, 9, 10.
  • Much bigger world.

Surgery Edit

This list mentions upcoming features but Kojak also said they plan to split this to few smaller updates so not sure if all what is mentioned here will be in next update.

  • Developers plan to give out specific organs that are themed.
  • Unique items set with set bonuses and with their own rarity "Set".
  • Nightmare Organs is possible a thing. You get them when killing Nightmare Kings.
  • New ways to obtain artifacts (coop bounties: total 100 amount of bounties finished with friends, etc.)
  • Cursed Artifacts that give negative stats. Due to technical difficulty it not possible to make it.

Villagers wishlist (player requests) Edit

List based on Reddit & streams.

  • Forge
    • Fit all 5 forge slots on-screen - no scrolling needed
  • Necromancer Castle
  • UI
    • Fix timer to display whichever item is the closest to being done (item/building)
    • Keyboard shortcuts / ring shortcuts - Reddit topic
  • Other

"Right now the best spot to give suggestions is this link. You don't need a reddit account as there is a link to a google submission form - that makes it easier for us to track it, since it will get lost in Discord almost immediately." - Larklen