The Valentine's Day Event is a temporary event which started on 9th February 2017. A new currency was available which is villager hearts. Succubus wants to give heart's to Carl and asks Bob for help.

This event has no special event challenges.

Heart Store Edit

HeartStore Succubus

I want to give Carl some hearts to show that I like him. Can I buy yours? I'll pay you handsomely for them...

Succubus Quotes Edit

  • I wonder how old he is
  • He's so dreamy...
  • How does that backpack stay up?
  • I really hope he likes hearts
  • I wonder how he stays so shiny
  • Please don't tell Carl...
  • He has such a cute little smile

Purchasable items Edit

Name Image Price Effect
Fast Time Travel
FTT VillagerHeart
Obtain a number of orbs
Ectoplasm Cube
Ectoplasmcube VillagerHeart
Compressed souls. Easy to stack
Ectoplasm Prism
Ectoplasmprism VillagerHeart
Dark side of the ectoplasm
Sauce Sized Necroware Sauce Sized Necroware VillagerHeart
Increase ghost storage by 10
Sandwich Sized Necroware Sandwich Sized Necroware VillagerHeart
Increase ghost storage by 20
Carl's Toenails Carl's Toenails VillagerHeart
Multiplies DPS by 3 per black orb

Trivia Edit

  • Succubus has crush on Carl the Monolith, but The Black Lich has crush on the Succubus. Love triangle, such a drama.
  • This event is focused on Villager Ghost and Ectoplasm.
  • Front page art is reference to scene from "Love Actualy" 
  • When buying an item hearts are refered as "presents"
  • Carl had unique portret in the monster tab.
    Valentine Carl

    Special Carl the Monolith portret icon