Western Swamps is the fourth kingdom. The only way to enter Western Swamps is by using the Frantic Frigate with the Passports.
Western Swamp Villager

Kingdom is inhabited by cyclops race, architecture is inspiration from accient Nubia. The king of this area is giant cyclops Baby.

World Overview Edit

As the name says the whole area is a swamp. There are some mountains and lakes on the map.

  • Locations: 10
  • Difficulty range: 801-2000 (King: 2006-2025, Wizard: 2051)
  • Difficulty spread: 1200/1225/1251
  • Total number of Levels: 2300
  • Levels occur 1 to 4 times each
  • 3 StarStarStarStar Blue Chests
  • Challenges: 5
  • Time Portals: x4, x5
  • Item Dump
  • Base Orbs Formula: [(Boss Level / 5) - 10] x 2

Map Edit

Western-swamps-v1 03 021

Locations Edit

Name Difficulty range Unlocked by
Lakeside Farmlands 801-1000 Starting location
New Farmshire 851-1150
West Woodlands 901-1100
Challenge I (Item Skull Necklace Skull Necklace) 1001-1015
Western Garrison 901-1300
Time Portal (x4) Complete difficulty 1100 in Western Garrison
Secret Chest - The Minotaur ( StarStarStarStar Blue Chest) 1001
West Lumberdale 1001-1300
Secret Chest - The Ogre ( StarStarStarStar Blue Chest) 1201
Northern Walk 1201-1500
Challenge II (Item Magic Keg magical Keg) 1201-1215
Hightower Pass 1501-1750
Challenge III (Item Sextant Sextant) 1301-1315
Challenge IV (The Corporate Ladder The Corporate Ladder) 1351-1365
Secret Chest - The Tree ( StarStarStarStar Blue Chest) 1701
South Lumberdale 1751-1900
Time Portal (x5) Complete difficulty 1825 in South Lumberdale
Summer Road 1801-1900
Vantage Point 1901-2000
The King ( StarStarStarStar Blue Chest) 2006-2025 Complete difficulty in one of the following:

  • 1850 in Summer Road
  • 1950 in Vantage Point

Challenges Edit

Name Difficulty range Reward
Map Challange Challenge I 1001-1015 Item Skull Necklace
Skull Necklace
Multiply skull's value by 2 per black orb
Durahell Bunny Boss icon Challenge 1101 Durahell Battery
Durahell Battery
Adds a battery to the third craft slot
Map Challange Challenge II 1201-1215 Item Magic Keg
Magical Keg
Reduce monster costs by 5%
The Mimic Challenge 1251 Chest Detector
Chest Detector
Auto collects chests from monsters
Map Challange Challenge III 1301-1315 Item Sextant
-1 house to destroy per difficulty
Map Challange Challenge IV 1351-1365 The Corporate Ladder
The Corporate Ladder
Unlocks the ability to hire monsters on the world map

Item Dump Edit

Main article: Item Dump

Map Item dump

The Item Dump is a shop, where all items coming from events' challenges a player has missed are stored. All items are paid with Diamond Diamonds.

Houses Edit

The Houses of Western Swamps are inspired by ancient Nubian huts.

Swamp huts Western Swaps Houses1
Swamp fortress Western Swaps Houses2

Enemies Edit

Cyclops Army Edit

The Cyclops Army consists of subunits that are formed by 2 cyclops. They are obstacles on Bob's way that must be crushed into pieces. They are always accompanied by a helpful wizard.

There are four types of subunits which can be distinguished by their armor.

Western Swamps Enemie1Western Swamps Enemie1 Western Swamps Enemie2Western Swamps Enemie2 Western Swamps Enemie3Western Swamps Enemie3 Western Swamps Enemie4Western Swamps Enemie4

Bosses Edit

Name Image Function Description
The Wizard Boss Wizard4 Guards each boss stage He is always guarding and after the timer runs out, he heals the boss. Wizard can be killed after time warpping once the entire kingdom has been destroyed.
The Minotaur Boss Minotaur Guarding blue chest
(4 Stars)
A minotaur with an axe and a shield
The Ogre Boss TheOgre Guarding blue chest
(4 Stars)
An ogre with a giant club and a shield
The Tree Boss TheTree Guarding blue chest
(4 Stars)
Not as friendly as it seems to be
The King King Western Swaps Final boss of Western Swamps The King of the Western Swamps


  • The skull on top of the wizards staff used to be human (not cyclops).
  • The Cyclops do not use any kind of weapon.
  • Cyclops only wear pants and sometimes armor.
  • Developers intended to make this kingdom specialize in multi-world farming.