Xmas Potion is a unique item that was introduced as a part of Christmas Event 2016.

Properties Edit

Xmas Potion is a green bottle with red special Christmas berries juice with Lemon flavoured magic melted snow and leaf decoration on top.

This item, similarly to Chaos Crest, adds 20% to orbs drops. The Potato Man and Easter Voodoo Doll have the same effect.

As an Event Item, Xmas Potion is unique and has neither any other rarity nor star rating.

Acquisition Edit

Xmas Potion can only be crafted via Forge.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Recipes for Xmas Potion
Item Description Ingredients Time
Xmas Potion
Xmas Potion
Add 20% to orbs drop Xmas Berries
Xmas Berries
Xmas Lemon flavoured Snow
Lemon Flavoured Magic Snow
Xmas Bottle
Xmas Bottle