"Don’t talk to me or my sons ever again." - Bob The Necromancer

The Zombie Horde is Bob's basic footmen. It has the lowest base DPS comparing to other minions and it's the first Non-Tap minion player can buy. It appear after Bob the Necromancer and before the Giant Zombie.

The Zombie Horde is based on a fictional creature called a zombie. The Zombie Horde consists of five zombies which are dressed in a blue shirt and brown trousers, all have green skin like Bob. Their only attack is scratching. There is something to be said about power in union.

And that thing would be that it doesn't always work.

To have access to the Zombie Horde one needs to level up Bob at least once.


There are two items in the game that influence the Zombie Horde's abilities.


Name Cost Level Effect
CD RD Tbta O EoTS BI D BS BK C I MoB SD Crawling Dead 100 10 Add 25% to Zombie Horde DPS
WD JpD thth N StB TRR Walking Dead 500 25 Add 2% to Zombie Horde DPS for each level
CD RD Tbta O EoTS BI D BS BK C I MoB SD Running Dead 1000 50 Add 5% to skull's value
WD JpD thth N StB TRR Jetpack-powered Dead 10,000 100 Add 50% to Zombie Horde DPS

Quotes Edit

List of sentences when you level up Zombie Horde:

  • Rwawarr!
  • We zombies
  • Brains!


Trivia Edit

  • The skill names are a reference to zombie type movies and TV shows always featuring the word "Dead" in the title like Night of the Living Dead and the TV series Walking Dead.
  • Despite being zombies they talk in every level up.
  • Zombie Horde's Halloween 2016 costume is reference to Thriller created by Michael Jackson.
  • There is possible theory that Bob adopted those zombies and they are like sons to him.